Culture and Life is a site where you will find the broad spectrum of culture in the wider world. Combining all the best in Arts & Culture and Life style, the site will showcase anything that we think is brilliant and deserves talking about.

Arts & Culture is predominantly the arena where the most creative minds exist, a world where anything is possible and no matter how many doctors say that they might be clinically insane, continue to carry their craft on. We are happy that straight jackets are saved for the real loonies, and the passionate, eccentric, creative souls are able to exist and fertilize our minds with the weird, wonderful and challenging.

Our team of global trend watchers and in their own right, setters, will be actively searching for the finest content that will inspire, shock and amuse you in music, design, sex, fashion, arts and culture.

In a world where everything is too strict, limited and stuffy, Culture and Life will be looking at life’s cultural differences with its tongue firmly in cheek. Take a laid-back walk around and do let us know what you would like to see.

Peace and love from all at Culture and Life

Editor – Andrew Soar

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