Kate Middleton – The Pictures

Topless photographs of Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge in France has caused a whirl of opinion across the globe since the French Closer Magazine published them. Kate came to the fore of UK press and Prince William’s attention when she took part in a fashion show at St Andrews University where she wore a … Continue reading

Last Night: Lady Gaga closes BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Never one to just turn up, do a small set and bugger off to her trailer and fly home, Lady Gaga is a performer, one that you feel would perform even in a retirement home when she is 99, even though the hip action might be a little less erratic. Last night the eccentric American … Continue reading

The Royal Wedding – In Pictures

Everyone all over the world is looking at London today and at the British Royal Family for the wedding of Prince William and Kate (or now Catherine) Middleton as she will be known, either that or ma’am. The married couple are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The girl from the ‘normal’ family is … Continue reading