Alejandra Guilmant by Richard Bernardin

Canadian-American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Bernardin has teamed up with Treats! Magazine for an exclusive shoot with the beautiful and enigmatic Mexican model, Alejandra Guilmant. The Hollywood Hills shoot captures the natural flawless beauty of Guilmant amongst the leafy setting of LA’s elite.

Emily Ratajkowski by Tony Duran

Polish-American beauty Emily Ratajkowski is captured with little more than no clothing in Tony Duran’s modern re-imagining of Marilyn Monroe’s “The Last Sitting”. Ratajkowski, who first shot to prominence in Treats! Magazine’s launch issue shoot with Steve Shaw, before then going on to be ‘that girl’ in the Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video was shot … Continue reading

Cisco by David Bellemere

German-born Franziska von Tschurtschenthaler never wanted to be a model, but is fast becoming one of the most talked about models around. The 24 year old from Munich has even got her own model alias, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, or Cisco for short. An avid surfer and deeply spiritual new age traveller, Cisco spends her time away … Continue reading

Abbey Clancy – Hunger Magazine

Blonde model, mum and the wife of footballer Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancy has stripped off for celebrity portrait photographer Rankin. The Liverpudlian wag is captured in nothing but expensive shoes in a series of sexy, provocative and smouldering black and white images for Issue 4 of the photographer’s own Hunger Magazine. It is good to … Continue reading

Emily Ratajkowski – Darius Magazine

New York-based fashion-slash-porn photographer Jonathan Leder has captured Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines star and model Emily Ratajkowski in a series of Polaroid images taken in Woodstock, New York last May. The images are distinctively Leder, who solely works in analog under little or no lighting and never using retouching. The series of erotic images have … Continue reading

Melania Brescia Photography

In the age of Instagram, taking pictures of yourself and sharing them has never been more prevalent and 21-year-old Melania Brescia, is a master. The young Spanish photographer from Málaga is enjoying a growing reputation for her intimate, softly lit self-portrait shots that showcases the brunette in a series of stunning compositions, from homemade-feeling snaps … Continue reading

Enya Bakunova

Enya Bakunova, a Russian-born model and former journalism student from Vladivostok, is building an ever-growing fan base following a set of steamy shoots with photographers Edwin Tse, David Bellemere, David Paul Larson and Jonathan Leder. The blonde beauty, who recently decamped from her beloved Manhattan, New York where she was with MC2 Model Management to … Continue reading

Vivian Loh – Lost But Easily Found

New Jersey-based photographer, Vivian Loh showcases “a reflection on the human’s naked form being a source of beauty and shame” with a series of shots entitles ‘Lost But Easily Found.’ Modeled by Alex Jones, Loh brings to life her own version of Eve wandering around a forestry Eden in her most down-to-earth form. Stunningly capturing … Continue reading

Pierre Dal Corso – Mise En Cage

Paris-based fashion photographer Pierre Dal Corso has a talent for capturing the beauty of the female form. His shots are highly sexualised with plenty of nudity, but undoubtedly remain timeless with beautiful images that are often grainy, making his subject full of alluring appeal and harking back to the pre-digital era. Dal Corso was recently commissioned … Continue reading

Radosław Pujan – Femininity

Photographers are at their best when shooting scenes and topics that interest them and if his portfolio is anything to go by, Polish born Radosław Pujan obviously has a keen eye for women and landscapes. The now Brussels-based snapper specialises in black and white shots of portraits of women that ooze sensuality, eroticism and seduction. … Continue reading

Michael Donovan Photography

New York-based fashion photographer Michael Donovan is a master at making his models relaxed and at ease, his shots capture stolen moments beautifully. His work sees models in differing states of self-expression; from laughing out loud to being in fits of tears. Yet, all the emotions appear completely authentic, leaving you wandering what was said … Continue reading

Lady Tarin Photography

Milan-based Lady Tarin is on a one woman crusade to free all girls through the medium of photography. Capturing the beauty of the female form in intimate surroundings and mostly in states of undress or nude, her work’s purpose is to portray a woman who, besides being more free, can also show her personality. Hailing … Continue reading