Alejandra Guilmant by Richard Bernardin

Canadian-American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Bernardin has teamed up with Treats! Magazine for an exclusive shoot with the beautiful and enigmatic Mexican model, Alejandra Guilmant. The Hollywood Hills shoot captures the natural flawless beauty of Guilmant amongst the leafy setting of LA’s elite.

Alejandra Guilmant – Love on the Rocks

Busty Mexican model Alejandra Guilmant makes an appearance in Playboy‘s special edition issue for January & February of 2014.  Shot for Love On The Rocks by David Bellemere, she does her best to keep cool in the midday sun by wearing absolutely nothing. The New York based model is set to follow in the footsteps of … Continue reading

Alina Aliluykina by David Bellemere

There is very little not to like about Los Angeles-based Alina Aliluykina – not just a model, but also an actress and a talented pianist and singer. The 21-year-old is fast becoming one of fashion’s most intriguing muses. Alina is now the apple of David Bellemere’s eye, with a recent shoot for nude fashion magazine Treats! … Continue reading

Enya Bakunova

Enya Bakunova, a Russian-born model and former journalism student from Vladivostok, is building an ever-growing fan base following a set of steamy shoots with photographers Edwin Tse, David Bellemere, David Paul Larson and Jonathan Leder. The blonde beauty, who recently decamped from her beloved Manhattan, New York where she was with MC2 Model Management to … Continue reading

Vivian Loh – Lost But Easily Found

New Jersey-based photographer, Vivian Loh showcases “a reflection on the human’s naked form being a source of beauty and shame” with a series of shots entitles ‘Lost But Easily Found.’ Modeled by Alex Jones, Loh brings to life her own version of Eve wandering around a forestry Eden in her most down-to-earth form. Stunningly capturing … Continue reading

Pierre Dal Corso – Mise En Cage

Paris-based fashion photographer Pierre Dal Corso has a talent for capturing the beauty of the female form. His shots are highly sexualised with plenty of nudity, but undoubtedly remain timeless with beautiful images that are often grainy, making his subject full of alluring appeal and harking back to the pre-digital era. Dal Corso was recently commissioned … Continue reading

James Christopher Photography

Los Angeles-based James Christopher has two very different types of photography, one shooting women semi or completely naked in natural surroundings and images of the weird and wonderful that creates intrigue and interest and just a little bit of madness. Naked women and images so strange they make you laugh… sounds good to me.

Kava Gorna Photography

New York-based photographer Kava Gorna has a masterful touch when it comes to taking beautiful, striking and feminine photography. Gorna’s skills have seen acquired by some of fashion and print’s biggest and best including Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Nylon, Rolling Stone and many more. Her work is divided between fashion, portrait and personal musings, all of … Continue reading