Howard Schatz – Models and Mothers

Women who are pregnant with girls are often reminded of the old wives’ tale about daughters ‘stealing their mothers’ beauty. But, what American photographer Howard Schatz captures in his series of ‘Models and Mothers’ is the genetic origins of beauty and how certain features translate into the next generation. The study into how model daughters … Continue reading

Michael Donovan Photography

New York-based fashion photographer Michael Donovan is a master at making his models relaxed and at ease, his shots capture stolen moments beautifully. His work sees models in differing states of self-expression; from laughing out loud to being in fits of tears. Yet, all the emotions appear completely authentic, leaving you wandering what was said … Continue reading

Edwin Tse – Photography

New York-based photographer Edwin Tse, originally from Toronto, Canada is a fashion editorial and portrait snapper who primarily shoots his subjects in natural light. Tse mirrors this use of lighting in his selection of beautiful female models, all striking but with little to no make-up, letting the face do the talking. It also helps that … Continue reading

Eudes de Santana

Brazilian-born fashion photographer Eudes de Santana is one of a growing group of snappers that take an amateur looking photograph, but with stunning composition, lighting and a beautiful girl, manage to make the homemade shots eminently beautiful. Now based in Barcelona, home to countless stunning brunettes who can go rrrrrrrr with that rolling r sound that … Continue reading

Fashion porn with Henrik Purienne

The influx of American Apparel-style, natural homemade shoots in fashion circles has led to a rise in ‘fashion porn’ photographers, virtual ‘Testinos’ of the bedroom, armed with a camera pre and post sex, it is like cataloging your success, yet deeming it art. The Cape Town-based photographer Henrik Purienne is one of the leading ‘fashion … Continue reading

The Beautiful World Of Gregory Blake

I stumbled across the work of a young French photographer, Gregory Blake, who despite his shots of beautiful females and well executed craftsmanship, remains a bit of a mystery. He is young, 23, French, a photographer and he lives in Paris, this just about all you get from his site and all others that have showcased … Continue reading

Akila Berjaoui and Australia’s Beach Babes

Australia’s Bondi Beach region is home to the best smoothies around at Boost Juice, the best breakfast at Le Paris-Go, some great views and steaks (at a cost) at Icebergs and now a very talented young photographer, Akila Berjaoui. I have for long been a fan of Australian women, since two years I spent with … Continue reading

Rankin’s Sofa So Sexy, inspiration for nude sofa appreciation

I’m always open to hear feedback from everyone else and ideas that are proposed and thinking behind thought processes are great to get to know and increase knowledge. Sarah Crux is one of those people that made me think about what I had written about Dean Stockings work, ‘Sofa So Naked’. Seeing Stockings work, former … Continue reading