Magazine Antidote – The Red Room

In the latest Romance issue from Magazine Antidote, Turkish-born Cuneyt Akeroglu shoots a series of nudes in The Red Room that explore all the different emotions that love can cause. From the romantic to the disturbing, the stunning shots explore the lighter and darker sides of love, sex, pleasure and pain. A fine arts graduate … Continue reading

Emily Ratajkowski by Tony Duran

Polish-American beauty Emily Ratajkowski is captured with little more than no clothing in Tony Duran’s modern re-imagining of Marilyn Monroe’s “The Last Sitting”. Ratajkowski, who first shot to prominence in Treats! Magazine’s launch issue shoot with Steve Shaw, before then going on to be ‘that girl’ in the Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video was shot … Continue reading

Howard Schatz – Models and Mothers

Women who are pregnant with girls are often reminded of the old wives’ tale about daughters ‘stealing their mothers’ beauty. But, what American photographer Howard Schatz captures in his series of ‘Models and Mothers’ is the genetic origins of beauty and how certain features translate into the next generation. The study into how model daughters … Continue reading

Cisco by David Bellemere

German-born Franziska von Tschurtschenthaler never wanted to be a model, but is fast becoming one of the most talked about models around. The 24 year old from Munich has even got her own model alias, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, or Cisco for short. An avid surfer and deeply spiritual new age traveller, Cisco spends her time away … Continue reading

Enya Bakunova

Enya Bakunova, a Russian-born model and former journalism student from Vladivostok, is building an ever-growing fan base following a set of steamy shoots with photographers Edwin Tse, David Bellemere, David Paul Larson and Jonathan Leder. The blonde beauty, who recently decamped from her beloved Manhattan, New York where she was with MC2 Model Management to … Continue reading

PRISM – Mario Testino

PRISM gallery in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, is hosting the first gallery exhibition by Mario Testino in the United States in seven years. One of the most celebrated photographers in the world, Testino ingenuity lies in his capacity to cement the cultural, social and commercial impulses of the moment and distill them into lustrous images. … Continue reading

Kate Moss by Tim Walker – Unseen

One Kate is the Britain’s biggest fashion icon and one Kate is one of the biggest names in fashion media. Together, Kate Moss and Katie Grand have created a stunning set of images (of which these were not used), that sees LOVE Editor Grand cast a beguiling Moss as a Pre-Raphaelite muse wearing very little … Continue reading

Emily Ratajkowski by Steve Shaw

Polish American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, ditches her former kids TV role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and is shot leaving very little to the imagination by Steve Shaw for arty fashion porn magazine Treats! The California-based beauty, who is with Ford in L.A., whose stunning cheekbones and other obvious assets are a mere second to … Continue reading

Lachlan Bailey Photography

Australian-born, New York-based fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey has seen his star rise to becoming one of the most regular Vogue snapper globally. Working in both moving image as well as stills, his work is clearly influenced by film. Beautifully lit images – often in black and white – manage to capture supreme storytelling, like a … Continue reading

Camille Rowe by Pamela Hanson

Stunning French model Camille Rowe (full name Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse) can do very little wrong in our book, a natural beauty with a strong dash of Parisian cheek, what is there not to love. Rowe was snapped for GQ by London-born, New York-based photographer Pamela Hanson – dressing down for an intimate photo shoot in a … Continue reading

Michael Donovan Photography

New York-based fashion photographer Michael Donovan is a master at making his models relaxed and at ease, his shots capture stolen moments beautifully. His work sees models in differing states of self-expression; from laughing out loud to being in fits of tears. Yet, all the emotions appear completely authentic, leaving you wandering what was said … Continue reading

James Christopher Photography

Los Angeles-based James Christopher has two very different types of photography, one shooting women semi or completely naked in natural surroundings and images of the weird and wonderful that creates intrigue and interest and just a little bit of madness. Naked women and images so strange they make you laugh… sounds good to me.

Camille Rowe for Terry Richardson

Butterfly collecting just got a lot cooler, it is one the favourite hobbies of fashion’s current belle du jour, French model Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse. Camille Rowe on her comp card, it seems long surnames are not good for models, has been shot by photographer, Terry Richardson. Rowe seems to be one of the cult snapper’s current … Continue reading

Pirelli Calendar 2012

The photographer of the moment and one of the “super Marios” of fashion snappers, Mario Sorrenti has shot this year’s fashion-porn calendar, the much sought after 2012 Pirelli Calendar. The calendar that is anything but the stuff you see in a car garage workshop, these are some of the best names in modelling shooting for … Continue reading

Eudes de Santana

Brazilian-born fashion photographer Eudes de Santana is one of a growing group of snappers that take an amateur looking photograph, but with stunning composition, lighting and a beautiful girl, manage to make the homemade shots eminently beautiful. Now based in Barcelona, home to countless stunning brunettes who can go rrrrrrrr with that rolling r sound that … Continue reading

Fashion porn with Henrik Purienne

The influx of American Apparel-style, natural homemade shoots in fashion circles has led to a rise in ‘fashion porn’ photographers, virtual ‘Testinos’ of the bedroom, armed with a camera pre and post sex, it is like cataloging your success, yet deeming it art. The Cape Town-based photographer Henrik Purienne is one of the leading ‘fashion … Continue reading

The Beautiful World Of Gregory Blake

I stumbled across the work of a young French photographer, Gregory Blake, who despite his shots of beautiful females and well executed craftsmanship, remains a bit of a mystery. He is young, 23, French, a photographer and he lives in Paris, this just about all you get from his site and all others that have showcased … Continue reading