Joe Iurato – Wooden Street Art

New Jersey-based artist Joe Iurato unites old-fashioned printing processes with contemporary street art style for his series of urban wooden interventions. The miniature figures he intricately carves range from guitar players to breakdancers, each subtly added to a city landscape and interacting within the scene. Site-specific placements of the pieces often use the surrounding environment … Continue reading

SpY – Moon

Spanish street artist SpY has set his two-stories tall installation ‘Moon‘ alight in Lausanne, Switzerland. The artificial crescent moon has been suspended on a crane above the urban landscape to light up the night sky. Moon is a project SpY was commissioned to install above the University Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland … Continue reading

For Those Lost, Just Not Forgotten

The poem,  ‘For Those Lost, Just Not Forgotten’ by New York-based Brazilian Chateau Bezerra, has been visualised by the award-winning American director Cole Webley. The result is a stunning representation, that mixed with Adam Taylor’s music, captures Bezerra’s sad, lonely, longing words so perfectly. Enjoy… In the vacuum of leaving and being left, People are made. … Continue reading

Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk is a project from Danish photographer Jonas Normann who started it to tell his story of the people and faces he met on the street. Normann takes photos of new people everyday from every walk of life, getting to know people who under other circumstances would never have talked to him, let alone have their photo taken. … Continue reading

Rachel Hulin – The Flying Series

Rhode Island-based photographer Rachel Hulin has found a unique way of taking snaps of her baby, Henry. It was a chance moment when exhausted and bored on an assignment, Hulin thought it might be fun to make her baby fly, so Henry did and the result is a series of surreal images that are anything … Continue reading

Zoe McConnell Photography

Former The Sun Page 3 model, Zoe McConnell, was apparently so camera-shy that her job of baring her chest to the nation became too much for her. It was this that made her look into a career behind the glare of the lights and camera lens. Photography has come naturally to the young blonde, with … Continue reading

A Story For Tomorrow (Video)

Rhode Island production company Gnarly Bay Productions, has released a incredibly beautiful video of a couple traveling through Chile and Patagonia, entitled ‘A Story For Tomorrow’. The film of company co-owner Dan Riordan and girlfriend Nina through their five week journey asks the question, “is it possible to be happy with this life?” “Did you … Continue reading

Gregory Euclide – Central Park Trash Landscape

American artist Gregory Euclide has developed a microcosmic landscape entitled ‘Held Within What Hung Open and Made To Lie Without Escape’ made from trash. The items, all taken from Central Park helped sculpt a world depicting what the artist sees as the ‘same kind of fake control over nature that allows us to be comfortable … Continue reading


downtownfrombehind (DFB) is the brainchild of Bridget Fleming, a photographic series capturing some of New York’s creative elite riding their bike from behind on the  200+ streets, avenues and lanes below 14th street. The result is an environmental portrait for each street and subject, with a goal to highlight a set of individuals, emerging and … Continue reading

Weaving Forest

‘Weaving Forest’ by SUPER NATURE is a Hong Kong art installation consisting of wooden reindeers and structures where visitors can use yarns to weave and make their own line-patterns on it. The result of the interaction and the user-engagement of it, ensured that a mass of yarns were soon covering the installation. Shanghai-based multidisciplinary design … Continue reading

Banksy – Fallen Soldier

Renowned graffiti artist, Banksy often goes months without any work popping up and then there is deluge of his work on the streets. It seems that now is the latter for the secretive street artist as a new piece of work has sprung up. So, after last week’s new sculpture, ‘Cardinal Sin’ at the Walker … Continue reading

Tamas Dezso – Here, Anywhere

Tamas Dezso, a documentary fine art photographer from Hungary has been capturing some of the corners of society in Eastern Europe that is rarely shown in holiday programs or Lonely Planet. His latest project entitled, ‘Here, Anywhere’ sees Dezso capturing his homeland in his own unique way, the results are some of the finest photographs … Continue reading

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Swarm is an interactive art installation at the Vancouver Aquarium by Tangible Interaction inspired by the luminescent jellies found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Located in the Pacific Canada Pavilion gallery, Jelly Swarm features 94 carefully folded origami jellies by origami artist Joseph Wu, each containing an LED module, suspended from a … Continue reading

Pipilotti Rist: Eyeball Massage

Open now at London’s Hayward Gallery is Pipilotti Rist’s first solo UK exhibition, ‘Eyeball Massage’. The provocative and sensual Swiss artist refuses to conform to the quintessentially British stiff upper lip. The show will undoubtedly rattle a few feathers, but charm, intrigue and sex appeal underpin a show that combines nipples, worms, underpants and bathing … Continue reading

A portrait of every person in Miami

Sketchy Miami is a collaborative art project that has one goal in mind: to create a portrait of every person in Miami. Robby Campbell and Jordan Melnick who are the creative force behind the cool culture blog, Beached Miami (yes they definitely have to use Miami in everything they do!), have come up with a … Continue reading

Russia’s privileged ‘Little Adults’ by Anna Skladmann

In Anna Skladmann’s ‘Little Adults’ series, the photographer explores what it feels like to grow up as a privileged child in Russia, a country where its radical history still rules the daily life. It is the exploration of the recently growing society of the “Noveau-Riche” in which children have been raised to become the ‘elite’ … Continue reading