Joe Iurato – Wooden Street Art

New Jersey-based artist Joe Iurato unites old-fashioned printing processes with contemporary street art style for his series of urban wooden interventions. The miniature figures he intricately carves range from guitar players to breakdancers, each subtly added to a city landscape and interacting within the scene. Site-specific placements of the pieces often use the surrounding environment … Continue reading

Kimchi and Chips – 3-D Light Sculptures

The brilliantly named Seoul-based art and design studio Kimchi and Chips have created Light Barrier, a series of glowing rays that create stunning 3-dimensional geometries and shapes. The installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space and time, by crossing millions of calibrated beams, projection, scanning and convex mirrors. The light installation creates floating … Continue reading

Hexi Responsive Wall

Canada-based interactive designer Thibaut Sld has designed the Hexi Responsive Wall, a series of 60 mounted panels, which reacts and fluctuates with the movements of people nearby. The wall’s hexagonal panels situated on the surface of the interior space use real-time data collected from motion-tracking technology to decode and interpret the gestures and actions of … Continue reading

Starbucks Train Concept Store

Coffee company Starbucks has begun to dominate high streets, popping up across the globe in order to drive and fuel the public’s growing caffeine addiction. Now, the company has unveiled a unique concept store that, working in collaboration with Swiss railway company SSB, sees the organisation’s first commercial shop on a train. The carriage is … Continue reading

Alain Delorme – Murmurations

Upon first inspection, French photographer Alain Delorme has created stunning imagery of a natural wildlife phenomenon. His series, ‘Murmurations‘ – exhibited at Taubert Contemporary Gallery, Berlin earlier this month – seemingly captures flocks of birds in all their balletic and graceful beauty. However, the shapes are in fact a series of shapes created with thousands of plastic bags, … Continue reading

Baileys open Bar Chocolat

Baileys has celebrated the release of its brand new real Belgian chocolate liqueur with a week-long immersive experience in London, dedicated to the multi-sensory pleasure of chocolate. Bar Chocolat, which was open to the public this September in London, saw handpicked visionaries Bompas & Parr, Tabitha Denholm, Petra Storrs, Amelia Rope, Lou Hayter and Blanch … Continue reading

H&M Dollhouse

Swedish fashion house H&M has created a unique branding experience to launch their latest H&M Home collection to media. The H&M Dollhouse, held inside a disused cinema in the centre of Stockholm, sees a real-life sized dollhouse and contemporary garden house the latest lines, as if it were a real house with each room showcasing … Continue reading

First Playable Beer – Beck’s Edison Bottle

German beer company Beck’s, so long associated with art, has turned its cultural affiliation to music and created the world’s first playable beer. The Beck’s Edison Bottle conceived in New Zealand, saw 19th Century technology meet 21st Century music, with the latest from the Beck’s Record Label project. The label is replaced with vinyl-esque grooves … Continue reading

Portrait of a Poet

Paris-based French film director Kendy Ty has a penchant for brilliant visual portrayals of creatives and his latest film ‘Portrait of a Poet’, is another stunning example of his work. The short film features French poet Mai Vallee who narrates the piece with her own poem that starts “Thank you dad thank you mum, for … Continue reading

Chiharu Shiota – Synchronizing Strings and Rhizomes

Japanese Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota has created a monumental site-specific installation at Casa Asia Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain entitled Synchronising Strings and Rhizomes. Shiota weaves yarn into a cocoon-like environment interweaving a dress, mirror and suitcase in order to examine the concept of space. In her work, these threads are veins with tears, fear for … Continue reading

Moulton Bicycle Company – Made in England

Moulton Bicycle Company is an established manufacturer of 50 years and still very much family-run with the highly respected engineer and nonagenarian Dr. Alex Moulton, still watching over the development of new ideas and improvements to these innovative machines. Made in England is a short film that takes a look behind the scenes and meet … Continue reading

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

The winners of the 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest have just been announced, with a group of ten photos coming out on top, plus one Viewer’s Choice winner. The eleven images were chosen from more than 12,000 entries submitted by 6,615 photographers from 152 countries. it is one hell of a selection of … Continue reading

New York Park

Argentina’s Black Sheep Films are back with another brilliant video turning a city into a theme park. After the excellent Inception Park in their hometown of Buenos Aires, filmaker and director Livschitz Fernando has performed the same creative magic with New York Park. The fictional amusement park right across New York sees major landmarks taken … Continue reading

Nike – The Regal Basketball Court, London

Nike has created The Regal, an NBA level permanent basketball court in Vauxhall, London. The Regal aims to encourage basketball players from an elite level through to grass roots and local schools and community clubs to take up the sport and become ‘ballers’. As part of the World Basketball Festival celebrations in Brixton, on 30th … Continue reading

D*Face x Smirnoff

Last week saw a launch that heralded a new way of artists collaborating with drinks brands, as British street artist D*Face and leading vodka brand Smirnoff created both an immersive theatre experience and a unique customised bottle. Taking place at the iconic East London venue Wilton’s Music Hall, the oldest surviving music hall in the … Continue reading

The Skatorialist

Directed by Singapore resident Juffrie Friday, The Skatorialist sees a skateboarder take to Singapore’s Central Business District armed with just a board and decked out in a flashy suit. The Business District is the beating heart of Singapore’s economy and home to 176,000 workers; the area is constructed with marble ledges, stairs and there are banks … Continue reading

Rachel Whiteread for Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery Director Iwona Blazwick OBE today unveiled the major new commission by British artist Rachel Whiteread for the building’s historic façade with the artist and an introduction by Danny Boyle, filmmaker and London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Artistic Director. The work is Whiteread’s first ever permanent public commission in the UK and features … Continue reading

Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk is a project from Danish photographer Jonas Normann who started it to tell his story of the people and faces he met on the street. Normann takes photos of new people everyday from every walk of life, getting to know people who under other circumstances would never have talked to him, let alone have their photo taken. … Continue reading

Art with Social Conscience – Hugh Leeman

This brilliant new video by San Francisco-based French videographer Clemence Demerliac on art with a social conscience features an interview with street artist Hugh Leeman. The beautifully shot video showcases Leeman’s diverse work on social projects and advertising for the homeless through his billboard takeovers and his not-for-profit inner city t-shirt project. In removing ad … Continue reading

Bernaudt Smilde – Nimbus I & II

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde maybe doesn’t get out to see the daylight enough, it seems the only logical explanation to why he would create a cloud in a room. Drawing on a nebulous concept of the “physical presence of transitional spaces,” Smilde’s first Nimbus installation, cleverly entitled Nimbus I was seen last October at Probe … Continue reading