Emmanuelle Moureaux – Sparkling Bubbles

Emmanuelle Moureaux has created a visual ode to drinking Coca-Cola in ‘Sparkling Bubbles’, which sees 800 acrylic transparent spheres suspended from the ceiling in an undulating wave of varying heights. The project, a collaboration with designer  Thomas Meyerhoffer that will be shown at Any Tokyo. The sculptural installation seeks to evoke the sensations from drinking … Continue reading

Rainbow Room by Pierre Le Riche

Creativity meets equal rights campaign in the shape of the Rainbow Room, an art installation by Cape Town, South Africa-based designer Pierre Le Riche. The colourful piece of art takes a critical look at the sociological implications of Afrikaner masculine hegemony on homosexuality in post-apartheid South Africa. Le Riche has created a traditional Afrikaans family … Continue reading

Lucy + Jorge Orta – Cloud: Metéoros

St. Pancras International is fast becoming one of London’s most iconic public art spaces and last week saw Lucy and Jorge Orta’s Cloud: Metéoros, two 2om wide magical nebulae float high above the Eurostar concourse. Set amid the glass-vaulted architecture of the listed Barlow Shed, Cloud: Metéoros resembles vast cumuli populated with travellers, a ‘magic carpet’ … Continue reading

Chiharu Shiota – Synchronizing Strings and Rhizomes

Japanese Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota has created a monumental site-specific installation at Casa Asia Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain entitled Synchronising Strings and Rhizomes. Shiota weaves yarn into a cocoon-like environment interweaving a dress, mirror and suitcase in order to examine the concept of space. In her work, these threads are veins with tears, fear for … Continue reading

Ann Hamilton – The Event Of A Thread

Would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar? Well, you could have enjoyed a swinging time at the recent large-scale installation ‘The Event of a Thread’ by visual artist Ann Hamilton at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. The multi-sensory interactive piece was Ohio born Hamilton’s first large-scale project in … Continue reading


Firewall is an interactive media installation created by New York-based artist Aaron Sherwood in collaboration with Mike Allison. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire-like visuals as well as expressively play music. Firewall stems from a performance art piece being developed as Purring Tiger … Continue reading


CLOUD is a large-scale interactive installation by Calgary-based artist Caitlind r.c. Brown for Nuit Blanche, a multi-city, contemporary late night arts festival. The piece is made from steel, metal pull-strings, and is a mixture of recycled and donated burnt out and fully illuminated light bulbs that have been crowd-sourced from the local neighbourhood. CLOUD asks … Continue reading

Light: Installations by Bruce Munro at Longwood Gardens

As night fell on last Friday in the eastern states of the USA ‘Light: Installations by Bruce Munro at Longwood Gardens’ was unveiled to the US press. On Saturday, visitors poured in to see the much-anticipated artworks, and they were not disappointed. The heart-stopping 23-acre show marks the first time Munro installations have been seen … Continue reading

Bernaudt Smilde – Nimbus I & II

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde maybe doesn’t get out to see the daylight enough, it seems the only logical explanation to why he would create a cloud in a room. Drawing on a nebulous concept of the “physical presence of transitional spaces,” Smilde’s first Nimbus installation, cleverly entitled Nimbus I was seen last October at Probe … Continue reading

The Pothole Gardener

East London is as much a hub of creativity as it is a home for urban degradation and one Londoner, Steve Wheen has followed the Guerilla Gardening guys by bringing miniature green art installations to scenes of ill-repair with his ‘The Pot Hole Gardener‘ project in aid of a charity I am currently working with, … Continue reading

Shining Tree in a Sacred Place

Japanese design studio MoNo recently created the ‘Shining Tree in a Sacred Place’ art installation, a piece that the design duo dedicated to those who had passed away or been uprooted in the many disasters of 2011. Japan suffered more than most last year, the massive earthquake and tsunami in March had dramatic knock-on effects, … Continue reading

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Make-Out

Mexican, Canadian-based artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is one of the stand out exhibitors at Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the Design Museum Holon in Israel, with ‘Make-Out’, an interactive installation featuring kissing couples. The high resolution display shows 400 internet video clips of people facing each other, as soon as a visitor passes by, the couples located … Continue reading

Weaving Forest

‘Weaving Forest’ by SUPER NATURE is a Hong Kong art installation consisting of wooden reindeers and structures where visitors can use yarns to weave and make their own line-patterns on it. The result of the interaction and the user-engagement of it, ensured that a mass of yarns were soon covering the installation. Shanghai-based multidisciplinary design … Continue reading

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Swarm is an interactive art installation at the Vancouver Aquarium by Tangible Interaction inspired by the luminescent jellies found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Located in the Pacific Canada Pavilion gallery, Jelly Swarm features 94 carefully folded origami jellies by origami artist Joseph Wu, each containing an LED module, suspended from a … Continue reading

Seiko Mikami – Desire of Codes

Tokyo’s InterCommunication Center (ICC) is currently showing a unique interactive installation piece by Seiko Mikami, ‘Desire of Codes’. The large-scale exhibition is a complex mixture of the past and the present, fed by images from the cameras in the installation, as well as, images from surveillance cameras at public places around the world. With the … Continue reading