Kyla La Grange to headline BREAK-FEST

Kyla La Grange is set to headline The Original Oatly BREAK-FEST, a new boutique festival that brings a taste of Swedish mornings to south London’s Brockwell Park on Saturday 30 August. La Grange will be supported by Swedish acts Urban Cone and Marigold in the free one-day Scandinavian breakfast slash music festival that will also … Continue reading

Kimchi and Chips – 3-D Light Sculptures

The brilliantly named Seoul-based art and design studio Kimchi and Chips have created Light Barrier, a series of glowing rays that create stunning 3-dimensional geometries and shapes. The installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space and time, by crossing millions of calibrated beams, projection, scanning and convex mirrors. The light installation creates floating … Continue reading

Moment Factory – Foresta Lumina

Québec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook has been turned into a luminous enchanted forest by Montreal-based design company Moment Factory, turning the vast woodlands into a magical nocturnal trail. Foresta Lumina comprises a 2km pathway winding through trees with bewitched characters (drawn from the area’s myths and legends), colourful illuminated installations and mysteriously glowing … Continue reading

Wildlife Selfies by Silvio Medeiros

Art director Silvio Medeiros and Diomedia Brazil have created a funny advertising campaign entitled Wildlife to highlight the stock images company’s new National Geographic Collection. The Wildlife series captures animals taking selfies in unexpected locations, with a panda in an elevator and a gorilla in a bathroom. The campaign aims to show people that even … Continue reading

Judit Rita​ Rabóczky – Wire Sculptures

Hungary-based artist Judit Rita​ Rabóczky playfully molds strips of wire cables together to create her series of energetic human figurine sculptures. She welds the colorful pieces into acrobatic and seductive poses, that seem almost lifelike. As a result, the work is filled with a lively energy that emanates from each body. Rabóczky pays close attention … Continue reading

Floral Art Installations by Rebecca Louise Law

London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law has made a name for herself in the fashion world as the go-to-girl for her breathtaking large-scale floral art installations. A fine art graduate from Newcastle University; Law’s work transforms spaces using thousands of suspended flowers with work that sees an exploration of relationships between nature and humans. “Most of … Continue reading

Berndnaut Smilde – Antipode at Ronchini Gallery

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde presents Antipode, an exhibition of new works made through the synthesis of photography, installation, performance and sculpture at London’s Ronchini Gallery. Smilde, best known for his Nimbus series comprised of engaging images of real clouds hovering within vast, empty rooms. Using a fog machine, the artist carefully adjusts the temperature and humidity … Continue reading

Surf Sauna

A mobile Surf Sauna sauna to use once you’ve ridden icy cold waves off the coast of wherever? Why the devil not! That was the idea from a group of surfers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire who had cut their teeth in the cold New England waters and, wanted a warm retreat after donning their wetsuit … Continue reading

Hexi Responsive Wall

Canada-based interactive designer Thibaut Sld has designed the Hexi Responsive Wall, a series of 60 mounted panels, which reacts and fluctuates with the movements of people nearby. The wall’s hexagonal panels situated on the surface of the interior space use real-time data collected from motion-tracking technology to decode and interpret the gestures and actions of … Continue reading

Isaac Cordal – Cement Eclipses

Street artist Isaac Cordal magically transforms landscapes with his thought-provoking and often, politically charged miniature art. His sculpture series Cement Eclipses proposes a critical definition of our behaviour as a social mass. Cordal’s work is a sharp critique on the current state of the global economy and a mockery of the leaders that govern it. … Continue reading

Pumpkin Carvings at The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

America truly loves Halloween – why? No one knows… but one thing is for sure, they beat Brits hand down for pumpkin creativity. While adults and children are preparing their costumes and trick or treat goodies, the annual Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze in New York on now until November 11 sees 5,000 individually hand-carved, illuminated … Continue reading

Carli Davidson – Shake

One of life’s simple, but unashamedly amusing moments is seeing dogs furiously attempting to shake water off themselves. An Oregon-based animal photographer Carli Davidson has documented this playful moment by capturing a series of entertaining facial expressions of canines in a book entitled, SHAKE. The simple act of the dogs struggling to dry themselves is transformed … Continue reading

Justin Timberlake Immortalised In Glassware

Ahead of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z performing at this weekend’s Wireless Festival in London, global travel retailer World Duty Free has immortlised the stars as a range of cocktail glassware. Designed by artist Melissa Bailey in collaboration with renowned mixologist Charlie McCarthy, the series celebrates World Duty Free’s Summer Drinks Festival which sees customers receive … Continue reading

Nathan Sawaya – The Art of the Brick

Over fifty years ago, when the colourful interlocking toy bricks were created in 1949, no one would have believed the strength of brand love that was to follow for LEGO. However, to this day this perpetual love affair shows no sign of abating. In The Art of the Brick, an exhibition at the Discovery Times … Continue reading

Banpo Bridge – LED Rainbow Fountain

Banpo Bridge over the Han River in downtown Seoul, South Korea is the setting for a spectacular LED rainbow fountain. The stunning moonlight show is the world’s longest bridge fountain with nearly 10,000 LED lights illuminating the 190 tons of water shot out form the bridge every minute. The display runs along both sides of … Continue reading

Hiromi Hirasaka’s Kokeshi Matches

Japanese artist Hiromi Hirasaka has created a series of matchsticks which feature facial expressions on their heads, igniting a bit of a humour to what is typically seen as the mundane. Aptly named ‘Kokeshi Matches‘, the fire starters already have physical attributes similar to the Japanese dolls which have long cylindrical bodies and spherical heads, … Continue reading

Evian – Baby & Me

The clever folks in the marketing department at Evian and their team of creatives at BETC Paris have come up with another smash hit, with the baby-infused dose of pure fun in their latest ad campaign Baby & Me. The follow up to 2009’s all-conquering Roller Babies video and 2011’s Baby Inside, sees a group … Continue reading

Bgirl Terra

Break-dancing has a new star in the form of six-year-old Bgirl Terra. Terra – part of London’s Soul Mavericks crew – has become a viral sensation after taking part in the Baby Battle division of the Chelles Battle Pro competition, held in Paris on Saturday 2 March. Despite already winning the Unvsti Baby Battle last … Continue reading

Balloon Dresses by Rie Hosokai

Remember that strange clown making you a balloon dog for your birthday? Well, Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon has taken inflated artwork a little further with a series of haute couture dresses made from balloons. The inflatable fashion collection has been created for the ‘Piece for Peace‘ charity art exhibition at Parco Gallery, … Continue reading

Giant Rubber Duck On River Thames

Today in London a giant 50ft-tall rubber duck was released up the River Thames to publicise a gambling site’s effort to give back some of their winnings into the community to provide a smile in these bleak economic times.‘s stunt saw former Carry On star Barbara Windsor, the patron for the FUNdation initiative, take … Continue reading