Joe Iurato – Wooden Street Art

New Jersey-based artist Joe Iurato unites old-fashioned printing processes with contemporary street art style for his series of urban wooden interventions. The miniature figures he intricately carves range from guitar players to breakdancers, each subtly added to a city landscape and interacting within the scene. Site-specific placements of the pieces often use the surrounding environment … Continue reading

Iva Troj – My Dear Foe

Bulgarian artist Iva Troj’s first UK solo show, My Dear Foe, opens this week at London’s Imitate Modern gallery. The exhibition, running from  23 – 28 September 2014 sees the 2013 Towry National Open Art Prize winner seamlessly incorporate Troj’s vast experience of traditional painting techniques with postmodern elements to create engaging, Renaissance-style works that … Continue reading

Kimchi and Chips – 3-D Light Sculptures

The brilliantly named Seoul-based art and design studio Kimchi and Chips have created Light Barrier, a series of glowing rays that create stunning 3-dimensional geometries and shapes. The installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space and time, by crossing millions of calibrated beams, projection, scanning and convex mirrors. The light installation creates floating … Continue reading

Moment Factory – Foresta Lumina

Québec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook has been turned into a luminous enchanted forest by Montreal-based design company Moment Factory, turning the vast woodlands into a magical nocturnal trail. Foresta Lumina comprises a 2km pathway winding through trees with bewitched characters (drawn from the area’s myths and legends), colourful illuminated installations and mysteriously glowing … Continue reading

Paul Cummins – Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

The moat around the Tower of London has run dry for over 170 years but in honour of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War on August 5, Paul Cummins‘ installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red will see 888,246 ceramic poppies flood the Tower, to honour the number of … Continue reading

Zaria Forman – Climate Change Landscapes

Artist Zaria Forman creates breathtaking pastel landscapes to creatively record the effects of climate change across the globe using her fingers. The inspiration for Forman’s hyper-real, photo-like imagery began in early childhood when she would travel to the world’s most remote landscapes beside her late mother, who would be capturing the sites as part of … Continue reading

SpY – Moon

Spanish street artist SpY has set his two-stories tall installation ‘Moon‘ alight in Lausanne, Switzerland. The artificial crescent moon has been suspended on a crane above the urban landscape to light up the night sky. Moon is a project SpY was commissioned to install above the University Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland … Continue reading

Yinka Shonibare – The British Library

A new installation on the theme of immigration by Yinka Shonibare entitled The British Library has just opened as part of the Brighton Festival and HOUSE 2014. The piece features 10,000 books, each bound in Shonibare’s trademark African Dutch wax batik fabric. The artist’s latest sculptural work explores the contributions made to British culture and … Continue reading

Jeff Hong – Disney Unhappily Ever After

Eliminating the ‘Once Upon A Time’ fantasy emblematic of a Disney film’s storyline, artist Jeff Hong imagines a harsh reality for familiar childhood heroes in his ‘Unhappily Ever After‘ series. The montages re-imagine what might be the day-to-day lives of Disney characters if they experienced the real world, overcome by traumas and tribulations. The irony … Continue reading

Judit Rita​ Rabóczky – Wire Sculptures

Hungary-based artist Judit Rita​ Rabóczky playfully molds strips of wire cables together to create her series of energetic human figurine sculptures. She welds the colorful pieces into acrobatic and seductive poses, that seem almost lifelike. As a result, the work is filled with a lively energy that emanates from each body. Rabóczky pays close attention … Continue reading

Floral Art Installations by Rebecca Louise Law

London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law has made a name for herself in the fashion world as the go-to-girl for her breathtaking large-scale floral art installations. A fine art graduate from Newcastle University; Law’s work transforms spaces using thousands of suspended flowers with work that sees an exploration of relationships between nature and humans. “Most of … Continue reading

Fujiko Nakaya – Veil

Beginning on May 1st, the renowned Glass House designed by architect Philip Johnson in 1949 will be engulfed in a dense and ghostly layer of fog, as part of an installation staged by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya. Veil is the first site-specific project to engage the historic structure, which occupies a vast promontory overlooking a … Continue reading

Miguel Chevalier – Artificial Paradise

The current solo exhibition by Miguel Chevalier at the Museum of Modern Art of Céret explores the leading French digital artist’s Artificial Paradise. The show, on now until June 1st, sees Chevalier pose a poetic and metaphorical question of the relationship between nature and artifice. The virtual-reality installations, which features his stand-out Fractal Flowers builds … Continue reading

Courtney Mattison – Our Changing Seas III

Our Changing Seas III is the third piece in a series of large-scale ceramic coral reef sculptures by artist Courtney Mattison. The sprawling installation – currently on show at the Tang Museum – is entirely hand-built and is meant to show the devastating transition coral reefs endure when faced with climate change, a process called … Continue reading

Berndnaut Smilde – Antipode at Ronchini Gallery

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde presents Antipode, an exhibition of new works made through the synthesis of photography, installation, performance and sculpture at London’s Ronchini Gallery. Smilde, best known for his Nimbus series comprised of engaging images of real clouds hovering within vast, empty rooms. Using a fog machine, the artist carefully adjusts the temperature and humidity … Continue reading

Victoria Siemer’s Reflected Landscapes

Victoria Siemer, aka Witchoria, is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer who produces new and unusual realities by altering expected perceptions of space. She blends geometric shapes into natural landscapes to produce the sensation of upside-down, backwards, and fragmented reflections. Witchoria aligns pieces of mountains, trees, rivers, and oceans into symmetrical arrangements to form multiple layers within … Continue reading

Banksy – Mobile Lovers

Following his whirlwind New York residency last year, Banksy is back on British shores with two new pieces of work. The first, widely called Spy Booth, depicts a trio of shady government officials crowding around a phone booth using analog recording devices to eavesdrop on conversations in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The second piece of street artwork, widely … Continue reading

Julien Mauve – What’s Left Of Utopia

French, Paris-based photogrpaher Julien Mauve’s latest series What’s Left Of Utopia brings to life images that show an impoverished urban landscape where the desolate cityscape is a direct result of the inhumanity of the modern built world. Industrial structures, abandoned towers and neglected residential complexes are highlighted for their destructive and toxic affliction on space … Continue reading

Surf Sauna

A mobile Surf Sauna sauna to use once you’ve ridden icy cold waves off the coast of wherever? Why the devil not! That was the idea from a group of surfers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire who had cut their teeth in the cold New England waters and, wanted a warm retreat after donning their wetsuit … Continue reading

Claire Droppert – Sand Creatures

Prominent Dutch landscape photographer and visual designer Claire Droppert, has created a stunning new series entitled Sand Creatures. Droppert has captured stolen moments in time where the sand seemingly comes alive through weightlessness, forming stunning shapes in the process and transforming the desolate natural surroundings. This first series has a project title of Gravity and … Continue reading