The Lotus Building

Architecture has reached new heights in Wujin, China as a stunning new construction has been unveiled. The Lotus Building can be seen blooming out of an artificial lake, like the flower it has been modeled on. The Lotus Building is the work of studio505, conceived as an inhabited sculptural work, in which visitors enter from below into a vaulted, cathedral-like interior space.

The Lotus Building_studio505_Wujin_01

Distinctive in its presence, by night The Lotus Building is further enhanced, illuminated by a lighting system that is devised to hold a series of changing colour combinations for 20 seconds; before slowly transitioning — over a period of 10 seconds — to the next. In its entirety, the superstructure stands as a revelation of space, setting a new standard of architectural ambition in the region.

The Lotus Building_studio505_Wujin_02

The Lotus Building_studio505_Wujin_03

The Lotus Building_studio505_Wujin_04

The Lotus Building_studio505_Wujin_05

The Lotus Building_studio505_Wujin_06

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