Emily Ratajkowski – Darius Magazine

New York-based fashion-slash-porn photographer Jonathan Leder has captured Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines star and model Emily Ratajkowski in a series of Polaroid images taken in Woodstock, New York last May. The images are distinctively Leder, who solely works in analog under little or no lighting and never using retouching. The series of erotic images have been given a huge amount of space in the launch issue Darius Magazine in Sweden. Meanwhile, Emily Ratajkowski’s star continues to shine with talk of her becoming the next big Sports Illustrated model.

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_01

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_02

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_03

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_04

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_05

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_06

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_07

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_08

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_09

Emily Ratajkowski Jonathan Leder_10

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