Melania Brescia Photography

In the age of Instagram, taking pictures of yourself and sharing them has never been more prevalent and 21-year-old Melania Brescia, is a master. The young Spanish photographer from Málaga is enjoying a growing reputation for her intimate, softly lit self-portrait shots that showcases the brunette in a series of stunning compositions, from homemade-feeling snaps to creative photo manipulation. Now branching into fashion and portrait photography, Brescia’s star is set to shine even brighter as she hones her creative craft.

Melania Brescia_01

Melania Brescia_02

Melania Brescia_03

Melania Brescia_04

Melania Brescia_05

Melania Brescia_06

Melania Brescia_07

Melania Brescia_08

Melania Brescia_09

Melania Brescia_10

Melania Brescia_11

Melania Brescia_12

Melania Brescia_13

Melania Brescia_14

Melania Brescia_15

Melania Brescia_16

Melania Brescia_17

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