Brazilian film director Ian Ruschel and photographer Gabrielle Mo, his partner and long-term collaborator, have created a beautiful video tale of their trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ruschel, a prolific filmmaker for Zeppelin Films in Porto Alegre, is usually seen directing big brand advertising campaigns, however, with Mo, he has created some of his most captivating work. Her eye for beautiful scenic shots and lighting mixed with Ruschel’s post-production genius, combines to create stunning visuals and this shows in this flawless tale of New York’s hipster mecca.


Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_01

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_02

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_03

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_04

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_05

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_06

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_07

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_08

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_09

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_10

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_11

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_12

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_13

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_14

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_15

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_16

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_17

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_18

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_19

Ian Ruschel Williamsburg_20

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