This Is My Court

This Is My Court is an ode to streetball culture in New York by film director duo, TWiN. The beautifully scripted love letter to playground basketball – by Australian-born brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker – is narrated by The Wire’s Michael Kenneth Williams who lyrically makes the popular passtime’s culture and its characters, the stars. The visually captivating film is an antidote for all those that only think of street gang culture; This is My Court truly captures the essence of backstreets in New York, where communities come together over their love of ‘balling’.


This Is My Court-TWiN_01

This Is My Court-TWiN_02

This Is My Court-TWiN_03

This Is My Court-TWiN_04

This Is My Court-TWiN_05

This Is My Court-TWiN_06

This Is My Court-TWiN_07

This Is My Court-TWiN_08

This Is My Court-TWiN_09

This Is My Court-TWiN_10

This Is My Court-TWiN_11

This Is My Court-TWiN_12

This Is My Court-TWiN_13

This Is My Court-TWiN_14

This Is My Court-TWiN_15

This Is My Court-TWiN_16

This Is My Court-TWiN_17

This Is My Court-TWiN_18

This Is My Court-TWiN_19

This Is My Court-TWiN_20

This Is My Court-TWiN_21

This Is My Court-TWiN_22

This Is My Court-TWiN_23

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