Woodkid – I Love You

Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid created some of the most interesting music videos last year, including the likes of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’ and Rihanna and Drake’s ‘Take Care’. For his first single ‘I Love You’ from his debut LP ‘The Golden Age’, Woodkid lives up to and goes one better than his previous exploits by creating a visually arresting cinematic spectacular. It isn’t just the video that impresses, the brooding track matches the grey tones in the video with stunning vocals and synths intertwining with an orchestra in full swing in a track that shares emotions of love and loss with just great effect. ‘The Golden Age’ is released on March 18 and available to pre order now from Universal.

Woodkid_I Love You_02

Woodkid_I Love You_03

Woodkid_I Love You_04

Woodkid_I Love You_05

Woodkid_I Love You_06

Woodkid_I Love You_07

Woodkid_I Love You_08

Woodkid_I Love You_09

Woodkid_I Love You_10

Woodkid_I Love You_11

Woodkid_I Love You_12

Woodkid_I Love You_13

Woodkid_I Love You_01

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