Tracey Emin – New York Times Square

British artist Tracey Emin is currently illuminating New York’s Times Square every evening as part of the Midnight Moment series. As a Valentine’s Day treat for New Yorkers, Emin’s famous neon signs with romantically-charged messages will appear over more than 40 advertising screens every night this month at 11.57pm. At midnight, however, they will then disappear again returning to the usual Coca-Cola and other adverts. The organisers of the project are s[edition], an online platform for some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists to sell their art as digital limited editions. Speaking of the series Emin said, “Every year I send valentines. This year I won’t have to. Times Square will do it for me.”

Tracey Emin_New York Times Square_01

Tracey Emin, I Promise to Love You, February 2013, Midnight Moment;

Tracey Emin_New York Times Square_02

Tracey Emin_New York Times Square_03

Tracey Emin_New York Times Square_04

Tracey Emin_New York Times Square_05

Tracey Emin_New York Times Square_06

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