Kate Upton x Terry Richardson

This year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star and Culture and Life favourite Kate Upton has succumb to the Terry Richardson treatment. A series of shots of the Michigan born busty model have appeared on the photographer’s site following a shoot that he took of her for Harper’s Bazaar. As well as stripped back shots against a plain background, the model also shows her dance moves. In a viral video, Upton – who found fame following her ‘Dougie’ dance on YouTube – showcases the ‘Cat Daddy’ dance while wearing her itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini.

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  1. […] Terry Richardson has fully taken the blonde model and culture and life favourite, Kate Upton under his wing. The fashion porn photographer has now shot a short video ‘The Many Talents of Kate Upton’ and already, just like his ‘Cat Daddy’ video, it has been removed from YouTube for being too sexually explicit. Well enjoy a bit of Kate Upton doing what she does best… and maybe a few she isn’t that great at. […]

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