Feel-O-Meter Shows German Town’s Mood

“Fühlometer ” (Feel-o-meter) or “Public Face” in Germany is an interactive art installation that shows the mood of a city by displaying it in the form of an eight-foot illuminated Smiley. The emotions are captured by a digital camera that is focused on the faces of the people standing in a specific area on the lakeside. A computer analyzes the photos and sends the results (happy, sad or indifferent) to the giant face on top of the lighthouse. The obtained mood data is then stored on a server and processed by the smiley to visualize the emotions in real-time.

The Fühlometer has been developed as joint project by artists Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus, and Richard Wilhelmer. The project which was first seen at Gasometer in Berlin in 2008, was installed as part of their interactive installation in and at Lindau-Island’s lighthouse.

What is the mood is in your town?

In London it is definitely – 😦

One Response to “Feel-O-Meter Shows German Town’s Mood”
  1. What a brilliant, hilarious idea! Thanks for posting. Yes, I feel that way about London too.

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