The Beautiful World Of Gregory Blake

I stumbled across the work of a young French photographer, Gregory Blake, who despite his shots of beautiful females and well executed craftsmanship, remains a bit of a mystery. He is young, 23, French, a photographer and he lives in Paris, this just about all you get from his site and all others that have showcased his work – it feels like this is the modern day French fashion photography version of Banksy.

Like me, he obviously has a fascination with the female form and this is reflected in his stunning photographs, stunning in terms of the beauty of his subjects and how he captures this with seemingly, little effort. Most of the work feels ‘homemade’, the look and feel is natural and light and the scenes in which the models are placed, seems organic. Many of Blake’s shots feel like they could just have been taken by a naughty boyfriend, catching his lady in her lingerie looking over the balcony after a morning of sexual exertion, most likely in a renaissance-style hotel, looking over La Louvre.

If these shots are anything to guess a career path by, I can see a lot more being written about Gregory Blake. I will also admit that I think I am in love with the first model at the top of my article and the next two images below. Well, now I have bared my soul in the confessional lust booth of culture and life, I feel better.

All images are courtesy of Gregory Blake, for more info on his work visit his website here.

2 Responses to “The Beautiful World Of Gregory Blake”
  1. Ady says:

    Wow, great images. thanks for sharing.

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