First Look: Spector ‘What You Wanted’

Fred MacPherson is an indie band chameleon, a man of many talents that include magazine editor, TV presenter and collaborator extraordinaire. He has come a long way from days of Les Incompétents, a great band in their own right that unfortunately ended up disbanding due to the assault and then terrible injuries suffered by joint lead vocals Billy Leeson. MacPherson and two other band mates from Les Inc formed Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man on Transgressive Records over a year and a half later.

Now as Spector, MacPherson truly has found a sound that will surely catapult one of the nicest, down-to-earth guys in the music industry back to the chart success he truly deserves. With Luv Luv Luv Records, home to Florence and the Machine, surely the new sound of Frederick Blood-Royale will be the sound for those bored of post-festival typical bands. The first single ‘Never Fade Away’ couldn’t get off my playlist for months, a launch event at the ‘it’ place in Dalston, the grotty Turkish snooker hall, Efes, saw a who’s who of music turn up to support and dance the night away supported by Dev Hynes’ Blood Orange as a surprise guest.

Second single ‘What You Wanted’ this time comes with an accompanying video shot back at Efes and now the band feel comfortable to get some hot ladies in their video, unfortunately it isn’t the hip hop hunnies associated with American acts, Fred and the guys have instead opted for a few milfs. Well whatever turns you on guys!

But there can be no denying this song is a sure fire hit and it has already been on BBC Radio 1 so I think now is the time to say I heard them here first, probably in Efes where Fred will be late at night. I dare you not to like this track!

Spector play Camden’s BarFly on Bank Holiday Monday get your tickets to watch them here.

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